The Cheese Shop

Weather you are looking to make soft cheese at home in a yogurt maker or your a artisan looking to get started. We at Cheese-Yogurt-Making have everything you need to get started in our cheese shop.

For Yogurt Makers

Simple & easy to use:

As with all our Country Kitchen Cultures for yogurt makers its simple and easy to use just open, mix & incubate, from low fat to full fat you control what you have by which milk you use from skimmed to whole milk ( we recommend using UHT) can also be used with ewe or goats milk also.

Cheese Making Sundries

No matter your size we carry everything you need to create cheese all in one place, from Rennet to Cheese cloths & plastic cheese forms.

Cheese-Yogurt-Making has a long history supplying everyone from domestic & educator’s to  small commercial dairies.. If you have any questions on what you might require please drop us a message and we shall be happy to help..


With two styles available in three different sizes Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers both a Traditional (calf) & Microbial (vegetarian) in 50ml, 200ml & 1Ltr.

Calcium Chloride 

Used to increase the curd yield calcium chloride is a simple and effective solution to low milk protein levels. Available in two sizes 200ml & 1Ltr

Food coloring – Annatto.

Used to create a light yellow to a deep red, this double strength food coloring is proof that a little goes a long way…..available in either 200ml or 1Ltr bottles.

Cheese Coating

Looking for an additional layer of protection to your cheese our cheese coating just paint on and allow to dry comes in two colour’s and in one litre bottles if you require larger volumes please let us know.

Plastic Cheese Moulds 

Our most requested plastic cheese moulds can be found here.. we have two style available soft cheese a basket style and cylindrical – with follower for harder style cheeses

Direct vat cultures:

Looking to start making cheese or all ready making on a smaller scale? our direct cultures are simple & easy to use direct vat inoculation, 1 unit to a 100 litres of milk & no minimum order amount. Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers you access to high quality cultures and technical knowledge with out the price tag and high order amounts.

Please note:

  • We offer free delivery in the UK via the Royal Mail.
  • Low fees on orders for Ireland (Republic).
  • All cultures need to be stored in the fridge for best results.

If you have any questions, require larger volumes or you need some technical help please drop us a message.

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