Cheese Shop 

Cheese Yogurt Making’s Cheese shop has everything you will need to produce a range of cheese styles. Weather you are looking to produce at home or small scale production we have you covered.

Along with the essentials: rennet, surface coatings, cheese cloths & plastic cheese moulds

  • Free UK delivery.
  • £2 for delivery to Ireland.
  • Same day dispatch when ordered before 2pm.
  • All our cultures & rennet’s are GM free.

For yogurt makers (1litre)

Our soft cheese cultures for yogurt makers are specially blended to work in most yogurt makers on the market.

Available in 5, 10, 20 & 25 packets.

Each packet is blended to work with 1 litre of milk

Cheese making kits

Our cheese kits have everything you need to start making cheese.

available styles: Curd style, Blue cheese, Cheddar style, Brie style & Soft cheese for yogurt makers.

Cheese making supplies 

All the extras needed in cheese production.


  • Annatto – double strength food colouring 1 litre & 200ml bottles.
  • Rennet – traditional (calf lipase) & Microbial (vegetarian) 1 litre, 200ml & 50ml bottles.
  • Cheese cloths – traditional cloth &  disposable.
  • Cheese coating – black & clear  protective cheese coating in 1 litre bottles.
  • Calcium chloride- for better cheese yield in 1 litre & 200ml bottles.
  • Plastic cheese moulds – cylindrical with followers & soft cheese for the forming of cheese various sizes.

Direct vat cultures 

Direct vat cultures are high quality & freeze dried. Available in 5 or 10 unit packs.

Available styles:

  • Soft cheese- mesophilic
  • Mozzarella
  • Semi-hard/hard
  • Soft/blue
  • Soft semi hard

1 unit will inoculate 100 litres of milk.

Cheese moulds

Country Kitchen Cultures have two styles of cheese mould available in 5 or 10 unit packs

  • White mould – Penicillium candidum soft white, thin & quick covering.
  • Blue mould – Penicillium Roqueforti for blue veined cheeses

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