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Welcome to the Cheese-Yogurt-Making’s – Yogurt Making Shop, Here you will find everything you need to make delicious yogurt at home in a yogurt maker to direct vat cultures for small scale and larger production. All of our “Country Kitchen culture” range are blended to work in most available yogurt makers offering easily repeatable results.

All of of culture blends are:

  • Clean Label – nothing added but our High quality culture blends and a spot of milk powder.
  • GMO Free – all our cultures do not contain, consist or produced with GMO ingredients.
  • Produced in the UK.
  • Suitable for vegetarians

If looking to produce a Kosher yogurt.. have no fear go to our “Direct Vat” cultures all of which are all certified kosher

For Yogurt Makers - One Litre

Country Kitchen Culture’s offers two styles of culture for yogurt makers firstly our timeless “Classic” offering great flavor and low to no acidity in our Probiotic and Greek style yogurts & and the refreshing tang that makes Kefir yogurt such a popular option. And new to our offering is our “Continental” offering with the same great flavor with just a hint of refreshing tartness on the finish indicative of the yogurts found on the continent.

Classic Style:

  • Great flavor with little to no tartness

  • Available in 5-50 sachet packs.
  • Each pack is designed to work with one litre of milk.

  • If looking to produce a more classic drinking style Kefir check out our “Direct vat” culture

It’s this simple:

Continental style:

  • All the flavor of our “Classic” range. just a touch of tartness on the finish.
  • Available in 5 to 50 sachet packs.
  • Each sachet is designed to work with one litre of milk

Mixed Selections & Kits:

From our easy to use non electric yogurt makers to our mixed selections all can be found here, Take your pick from our classic or continental styles.

Direct Vat Cultures:

“Direct vat” cultures are the perfect solution for those looking to maker a Kosher or non dairy yogurt at home. These industry leading cultures are also great for those looking to start small scale production of yogurt dosed at one unit per one hundred litres of milk offering consistent results. If looking to produce commercially something not offered bellow please drop us a message.

Our “Direct vat” cultures are:

  • Kosher
  • GMO free
  • No minimum order
  • Can be used with Non dairy alternatives

Things to know:

  • All orders to the UK are dispatched via the royal mail with free delivery.
  • We aim to dispatch same day.
  • Orders to Ireland (republic) do have a small delivery charge.
  • All cultures do need to be stored in the fridge.

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