Welcome to the yogurt shop

Cheese-Yogurt-making’s Yogurt shop has everything you need for making yogurt at home or commercially.  With our range of custom blended cultures for yogurt makers & direct vat for commercial producers, making yogurt has never been easier.

We have available:

  • Cultures for yogurt makers.

  • Direct vat cultures
  • Starter kits
  • Yogurt makers.

All our orders are:

  • Free UK delivery.
  • Low £2 fee on orders to Ireland.
  • We aim to dispatch same day when ordered before 2pm. (Monday- Friday)

  • Dispatched Monday – Friday.
  • Instructions can be downloaded or included with your order.

  • All our cultures are GM & Gluten free.

For yogurt makers:

Simple and easy to use:

Just three simple steps and you too can be making delicious tasting yogurt & sour cream at home in no time.

  • Mix cultures with your choice of milk in the inner pot.
  • Set up yogurt maker as per there instructions.
  • Place inner pot in yogurt maker and wait.

Current styles available:

  • Probiotic- Full of gut friendly bacteria from as little as 64p per sachet.
  • Continental style Probiotic- Full of gut friendly bacteria with a slight acidic finish  from as little as 64p per sachet.

  • Greek style- Rich, thick & creamy from as little as 70p per sachet.
  • Continental Greek style- Rich, thick & creamy with a slight acidic finish from as little as 70p per sachet.

  • Kefir- Eastern European style yogurt from as little as 75p per sachet

Yogurt makers & kits

New to yogurt making?

Cheese-Yogurt-Making have you covered, everything you need to get started in one box. Easy to follow instructions, a non-electric yogurt maker & your choice of cultures. You just have to pick your milk to use.

The kits available are:

  • BASIC- Single style pick from Greek, Probiotic or Kefir

  • MIXED – A selection of our classic or continental styles.

Direct vat

Direct vat cultures are perfect if you’re looking to start producing yogurt in larger volumes, each packet is designed to work at 1 unit:100 litres of milk and are available in 5- or 10-unit packets. As these are a commercial product, they are freeze dried, high quality and need only to be stored in a fridge.

available styles:

Greek, Probiotic & Kefir.

The Yogurt Shop

Welcome to the Yogurt Shop bellow you will find everything you need to make yogurt at home from starter kits to a range of cultures blended to work in yogurt makers. You will also find a selection of “Direct Vat” these are perfect for people looking to maker larger volumes.

For Yogurt Makers - One Litre

Classic Style:

Cheese-Yogurt-Making’s “Classic Style” yogurt cultures  are our tried and true yogurt cultures our Greek style & probiotic having low to no acidity just great tasting creamy yogurt our Kefir Yogurt is a tart and refreshing and closer to a yogurt then its eastern European roots.

Continental Style:

Our “Continental Style” cultures are a growing range building on our “Classic Style” these offer the same creamy yogurt with a slightly tarter profile much like those found on the continent.

Starter Kits

From our fuss free yogurt makers to starter kits all can be found bellow, our basic starter kit’s offer you one our classic style’s or our mixed kits offer you a selection from either or classic or continental styles the choice is up to you.

Direct Vat - For larger volumes:

Looking to make larger volumes? our freeze dried “Direct Vat” range is the perfect solution with an inoculation rate of 1 unit per 100 Litres of milk these cultures produce reliable & repeatable results.