January's focus Everything yogurt maker

This January we wanted to focus on one part of what Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers and this month we are looking at everything yogurt making.

All of us at Cheese-Yogurt-Making strive to produce high quality easy to use cultures to use with all styles of yogurt makers not just our own.

So with that below we have our two categories of pre blended culture sachets for yogurt makers, Our classic range with low/no acidity and our new continental range with low/medium acidity.

Pre made sachets available for yogurt makers:

Our classic core range:

Greek style

From as little as 72p each

Need to know:

Classic thick & creamy Greek style yogurt with out the pesky straining. Blended to work with one litre of milk available in 5-50 sachet packs all dispatched with free UK delivery.


From as little as 66p each

Need to know:

Delicious, mild & creamy and bursting with gut friendly bacteria. and only needing three steps (pour, mix & ferment)


From as little as 68p each

Need to know:

Classic mild & creamy this delightful yogurt is great for cooking with or making part of your healthy breakfast. Available in 5-50 sachet packs


From as little as 77p each

Need to know:

This tart eastern European yogurt style is a refreshing change of pace, our custom blend makes a more thicker “yogurt style” then the more traditional style which is more akin to a drinking yogurt. Available in 5-50 sachet packs.

Our new continental range:

Continental Greek style

from as little as 72p each

Need to know:

New to Cheese-Yogurt-Making our newest range “continental style” offers our core styles with a slightly acidic edge rich thick & creamery available in 5 to 50 sachet packs

Continental Natural

from as little as 68p each.

Need to know:

In the office this has become a favourite of ours for a base in marinades and smoothies creamy with a mild acidic finish on the pallet available in 5 to 50 sachet packs.

Continental Probiotic

From as little as 66p each

Need to know:

All the great flavour and creaminess of our classic Probiotic, with that fresh acidic kick to the end. available in 5 to 50 sachet packs.

All of these sachets are specially blended to work with 1 litre of milk we recommend UHT as it heat treated and removes that step from the process. you can use other types of dairy milk eg sheep’s or goat if you have any questions please drop us a message.

Available for SME’s Direct vat cultures: 

Greek style

Just £25 each no MOQ!

Need to know:

Thick & creamy and all with out the need to strain, this 10 unit packet inoculates at an amazing 100 litres per unit so each packet will do 1000 litres.


From as little as £16 no MOQ

Need to know:

Creamy & mild and busting with Gut friendly bacteria, as always these packs inoculate at 100 litres per unit of culture.  With no MOQ Cheese-Yogurt-Making is committed to helping SME’s from start up to established producer.


Just £26 each with no MOQ

Need to Know:

This classic eastern European yogurt style is easy to make with our direct vat culture,  inoculating 100 litres of cows milk per unit each pack will inoculate 1000 litres of milk with free delivery and no MOQ

Nordic style

just £25.95 each with no MOQ

Need to know:

This classic Finnish style Vili is a great starting point for yogurt makers looking to make a Scani style yogurts and inoculating  100 litres per unit each packet will run to 1000 litres of cows milk.

All of our direct vat cultures work on the inoculation rate  of one unit to one hundred litres of cow’s milk so our standard 10 unit packs will inoculate up to a thousand litres of milk so taking our standard 10 unit sachet of Probiotic or Greek culture works out at the whopping 2.5p per litre cost to you.

With no minimum order quality (MOQ) Cheese-Yogurt-Making allows dairies of any size access to not only high quality freeze dried cultures but also the technical knowledge to go with it. With over 40 years of experience within the dairy industry we are uniquely positioned to aid in R&D, set up and any questions you might have

Yogurt makers & kits 

Basic yogurt kit

from £25.

Need to know:

Each kit contains our standard non electric 1 litre yogurt maker and your choice of culture available in 5 or 10 sachet kits. These kits come with a selection of cultures from our core range.

Mixed yogurt kits

From as little as £24.50 each

Need to know:

Each kit contains our standard 1 litre non electric yogurt maker and a mixed selection of cultures from our core range. available in 4 to 16 sachets per kit

Yogurt maker

just £20.50 each

Need to know:

Our standard non electric yogurt maker plus inner pot makes up to 1 litre of yogurt at a time just fill to the line with boiling water and close the lid and off you go its that simple.

Cheese-Yogurt-Making’s non electric yogurt makers are simple and easy to use making up to one litre of delicious yogurt or soft cheese at a time with its included inner pot.

Paired with out kits making yogurt has never been easier our basic kits give to the option of 5 or 10 sachets of one choice from our classic range & our mixed kits are a great way of trying out all of our classic range available in 4, 8, 12 & 16 sachets .

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