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Blue cheese cultures.

Blue cheese’s like a Stilton need a great culture to give you that creamy texture. We offer several cultures to aid you in blue cheese production. Don’t forget to check our penicillium page to get your flavor and blue veins.  All our cultures are freeze dried, GM free, Vegetarian, Kosher & Halal certified.


Direct vat cultures are dosed at 1 unit per 100ltr’s of milk, if your looking to use sheep or goats please get in touch for more details. Direct vat cultures offer the great feature, that there’s no need to make starter solutions just add directly to the milk and carry on.

Stored in the fridge there’s no need for expensive deep freezers just reseal between uses.


All orders are dispatched with the Royal Mail, both our free & 1st class delivery options. Please see our delivery information page for more details.


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