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All things needed for yogurt making can be found here from our Country kitchen Cultures range for domestic one litre yogurt makers to our Direct vat range for those looking to make larger volumes.

Country Kitchen Cultures –

Our Country Kitchen Culture range are custom blended to work with most domestic one litre yogurt makers. Cheese-Yogurt-Making ethos of quick, simple & tasty was ours guiding principle, So all of our cultures in this range are:

  • Clean label – no preservatives, anti foaming agents and such added.
  • GMO free.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Produced in the UK.

Yogurt Making Kits –

Country Kitchen Culture’s paired with a non electric easy to use, one litre yogurt maker. All you need to do is add your choice of milk (we recommend using UHT) we have a range of kits available:

  • Classic range cultures
  • Continental range of cultures
  • Kefir range of cultures
  • mixed selections of cultures

Direct vat cultures –

We partnered with Igea as there innovative solutions for the dairy industry met closely with ours. Moving forward with the needs of the dairy industry, we are now proud to offer these solutions to smaller producers with no minimum order amounts. All of the cultures we offer in this range are:

  • GMO free.
  • Kosher & Halal certificated
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Freeze dried.

Cheese making is well covered with a large range of cultures to suit your visions, Country Kitchen Cultures and our range of soft cheese for domestic one litre yogurt makers. To our Direct vat cultures from Igea, for the cheese maker looking to produce various cheese styles in larger volumes. As with everything we do if you have any questions regarding cheese making drop us an email and we will more then happy to help.

┬áCountry Kitchen Cultures –

  • Clean label – no added preservatives or anti foaming agents or alike added.
  • GMO free.
  • Produced in the UK.

Direct vat cultures –

  • GMO free
  • Kosher & Halal certified.
  • Freeze dried
  • No minimum order

along side our comprehensive range of cultures you will also find rennet, calcium chloride, cheese coating & cloths along with Plastic cheese moulds and annatto.

Imported direct from our partners in Italy, we offer an ever growing selection of truffle.

Prepared truffle –

  • chopped and sliced truffle.
  • truffle & mushroom sauce.

Truffle oil –

  • White and black truffle olive oil

Weather your looking to get started making yogurt or cheese we have you covered. For domestic one litre yogurt makers our Country Kitchen Culture range have various styles and flavor profiles for you to enjoy making at home. If your looking to create larger volumes our partners from Igea have your needs covered with there range of direct vat cultures.

If something from the heady world of truffle is your thing we have an ever growing selection of truffle which is imported direct from our partners in Italy.

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