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Everything you need to make yogurt at home or for the small producer can be found here with our country kitchen cultures range offering easily repeatable result in your yogurt maker. And for small producers our direct vat cultures offer the high-quality industrial standards at an affordable quantity and quality.

Cheese making at home in a yogurt maker or small-scale production we at Cheese-Yogurt-Making have you covered from cultures & moulds to rennet & cheese cloths. with over 40 years of experience in the dairy industry you benefit from our commitment to high quality products backed up with a knowledge base no matter your size.

After many years of supplying high quality imported truffle from Italy to manufactures we are proud to be able to offer these to you at home. We stocka range of products from the sought-after Winter black, the heady Summer black and the delightful Bianchetto as well as a collection of oils and seasonings. For those looking for an affordable range for the hospitality and catering industry please drop us a message.


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Cheese yogurt making is attempting to reduce is environmental impact so we have removed as much single use plastic as possible.

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Februarys focus

February 10th, 2023|Comments Off on Februarys focus

Your Content Goes Here Cheese-Yogurt-Making for many years has served the dairy industry with high quality truffles sourced from northern Italy. We are now able to offer the same quality at competitive prices [...]

  • headline of post January's focus

January focus

January 18th, 2023|Comments Off on January focus

Your Content Goes Here This January we wanted to focus on one part of what Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers and this month we are looking at everything yogurt making. All of us at Cheese-Yogurt-Making strive [...]


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