Equipment is new for 2023 we are proud to announce our partnership with the talented team at Milky Day. This now allows us to offer a fantastic range of small scale dairy equipment for domestic, catering or small commercial production use.

The benefit of this partnership is not only do you get high quality & direct from the manufacturer but by using our code JKMFOODS you also get a 7% discount.

Cream Separators:

From hand operated separators producing 100ltr’s an hour to larger 600ltr an hour machines. We have something for everyone no matter your size. click the link to see the range, technical documents & video’s of the equipment in use.

hand cranked 100ltr and hour cream separator

Butter Churns:

Looking to make your own delicious butter we have a great selection of churns available from 2ltr’s up to 50ltrs check out the link to see the full range. Both electric and hand operated styles available.

Milk Pasteurizers:

Milk pasteurizers can also be used for yogurt and cheese production if your looking to make a larger volume then one litre these fully electronic controlled units start at 13ltr capacity going up to 55ltr capacity check the link for the full range.

Pair with our direct vat cultures for cheese and yogurt production.

Ice cream makers:

Looking to make your own ice cream at home or add home made ice cream to your offering we have a range of machines to help you with your vision. from counter top styles producing 1.5- 2kg to 15kg per hour see the link opposite for more details .

Other equipment:

Filling machines to cup sealing machines we have a selection for the smaller producer. Also to be found here are cheese presses as well, see link opposite to see the entire range.

Larger equipment:

Needing something larger? Drop us a message to discuss your needs. We have a large range of dairy equipment for sale.