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At the truffle shop:

We import all our truffles direct from our partners in Italy, Sacchi tartufi with their passion for quality this allows us to offer you high quality truffle at reasonable prices.  This is the same truffle we have been suppling a multitude of cheese makers & chefs all over the UK for many years.


As with all orders placed through Cheese-Yogurt-Making we offer free & First class delivery options via the Royal Mail. We also use the Royal Mail for deliveries to Ireland (republic) please see our delivery information page for more details.

Truffle oil

We offer two styles of wonderfully fragrant Italian olive oil infused with the delightful sought after aroma of truffle. We have white truffle and black truffle each with their own characteristics shining through,  and for those looking to dip there toes in to this heady world we have sachets of white truffle infused oil available as well.

Prepared truffle

Our partners at Sacchi tartufi place a high level of care in the preparation of there truffles, with themkeeping everything as natural as possible this level of detail has made our range popular with chefs. and we are proud to offer you the same level for use at home.

Black truffle sauce:

Delicious winter black truffles blended with mushrooms and pistachios to use as a base or on it own to this is a popular choice with chefs.

Sliced truffle:

Black truffle sliced and held in olive oil these 30g jars are perfect for adding a little bit of flair to your dishes.

Chopped truffle:

Chopped black truffle speckled through soft cheese or scrambled egg, the options are endless.

Truffle salt:

The easiest way to pep up the humble chip sprinkle a pinch over fresh chips and awaken your tastebuds.

If you have any questions?

or you would like more information on the supply of larger volumes for hospitality or commercial truffle styles for production please get in contact. links below