Yogurt Making: shop

The Yogurt making shop, everything you might need to make yogurt in one place from our Country Kitchen cultures for those looking to create yogurt at home, to our commercial direct vat cultures for those who are looking to produce larger quantities. Cheese-Yogurt-Making have a wide range of options to help meet your needs.

  • In our Country Kitchen Cultures section you will find a wide range of cultures and kits to get you started making great tasting yogurt in no time.
  • In our direct vat section we offer a great selection of cultures for those looking to produce larger volumes, with no minimum order.

Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers free UK shipping on all orders placed with us. With our direct vat cultures there’s no minimum order values. No matter who you are Cheese-Yogurt-Making will be there to answer your questions and help you at every stage.

Making at Home

Looking to create yogurt at home our range of cultures have you covered. With our Country Kitchen Culture’s range we have a wide selection of cultures & kits, making yogurt at home just got a lot easier.

Making at Commercially

If your looking to produce yogurts along with fermented milk & creams. the look no further then our range of direct vat cultures from our partners at Igea in Italy. These direct vat cultures are easy to use, easy to store and offer consistent results.


With our commitment to lowering our environmental impact, we dispatch all orders via the royal mail. for more information on how we deliver check out our delivery information page via the link below.


If you have any questions regarding any of the products offered please drop us a email or give us a call.