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Microbial rennet


Microbial Rennet

  • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • 200 IMCU (1ml:2ltr)
  • Free UK postage.
  • Low fee’s on orders to Ireland (republic)

Rennet usage instructions can be included or found via the below link.

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Microbial Rennet vegetarian


Microbial rennet is a modern (vegetarian) style of rennet used in 90% of UK cheese production. Separating the solids (curds) away from the liquid (whey). Cheese-Yogurt-Making’s Microbial rennet is GM free and has a strength of 200 IMCU. This product is not a watered down “essence”.


Pairing our microbial rennet with any of our Direct vat culture’s opens up a whole world of cheese making.

Traditional desserts like junket, with just a little time one of the easiest desserts to make is as your finger tips. and are included on our instruction sheet.


Instructions are available below in pdf format for you to be downloaded or you can have them included with your order.

What is IMCU ?

IMCU, stands for International Milk Clotting Unit. which basically means the amounts of rennet enzyme needed to coagulate 10ml of reconstituted skimmed milk powder at 30°c in 100 seconds.

So that means 1ml of rennet will set 2Ltr’s of cows milk.

If your looking to use either sheep or goat’s milks please drop us a email with the link below for more information.


Orders are dispatched via the Royal Mail for both our free &1st class UK delivery options. see our delivery information page for more details.


When orders received place in fridge and store ≤8°c


If you have any questions or require larger volumes  please drop us a message

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