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Mix complex


Mix complex - Direct vat culture

  • Direct vat.
  • Fast acidification.
  • For hard style cheese production.
  • No gas production.
  • 1 unit to 100ltr of milk


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Mix complex

Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers Igea’s Mix complex. With a blend of St thermophilus Homoferm, lactobacilli Homofrem & mesophiles. this mesophilic – thermophilic culture gives fast acidification and no gas production for consistent results in the production of hard cheese’s like Pecorino. These cultures are freeze dried, GMO free and suitable for vegetarians as well as being Kosher & Halal certified.

usage & storage

Direct vat cultures are designed for use at 1 unit for 100ltr’s of cows milk. Looking to use other type’s of milk i.e. sheep or goats milk? drop us a message for more details.¬† Direct vat cultures have the benefit of there being¬† no need to dilute them down to form a starter culture solution just add to the milk once warm and carry on.

Storage of mix complex is easy all you need is a fridge and if not using a full packet just reseal between uses.


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