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LM - Direct Vat culture

  • Direct vat.
  • Mesophilic Culture.
  • Medium/low acidification.
  • Gas producer.
  • For fresh (spreadable) cheese styles.
  • 1 unit to 100ltr of milk.
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Cheese-Yogurt-Making offers Igea’s LM. With a blend of Heteroferm mesophiles. This mesophilic culture gives medium – low acidification with gas production for consistent results in the production of Fresh (Spreadable) cheese styles  . These cultures are freeze dried, GMO free and suitable for vegetarians as well as being Kosher & Halal certified.

usage & storage

Direct vat cultures are designed for use at 1 unit for 100ltr’s of cows milk. Looking to use other type’s of milk i.e. sheep or goats milk? drop us a message for more details.  Direct vat cultures have the benefit of there being  no need to dilute them down to form a starter culture solution just add to the milk once warm and carry on.

Storage of LM is easy all you need is a fridge and if not using a full packet just reseal between uses.


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More Help

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