The Kefir Yogurts Range

Cheese-Yogurt-making’s Kefir yogurt range of cultures are great tasting with all the benefits and flavour in refreshing creamy kefir yogurt. These cultures are easy to make at home no matter your experience level or age. Each sachet is packed with live cultures and with our commitment to creating a clean label, you can be sure we add nothing like thickeners, preservatives or anti-foaming agents. All our cultures are GMO free & suitable for vegetarians.

The difference between a Kefir and a Kefir yogurt?

With Kefir being a East European Culture, made up of a blend of yeasts and bacteria’s this style is traditionally a fermented milk. This being more akin to a drink then a yogurt. Kefir yogurt however takes all the bacteria & yeasts in kefir, and we blend them with more traditional yogurt cultures. This allows us to create a thicker more yogurt style product.

Each pack contains:

With each order of cultures from Cheese-Yogurt-Making, You can download the instructions in PDF format or have them included.

All our Kefir yogurt range of cultures are available in 5 to 25 sachet packs.

The Range:

Looking for traditional  yogurt with a mild creamy finish check out our classic range, maybe you looking for traditional yogurt with a refreshing bite? check out our continental range via the links below.

It’s so simple to make:

Check out just how simple with our quick video on making a set style yogurt.


With our commitment to lowering our environmental impact, we dispatch all orders via the royal mail. for more information on how we deliver check out our delivery information page via the link below.


If you have any questions regarding any of the products offered please drop us a email or give us a call.