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Continental Yogurt Cultures:

Our continental yogurt cultures range, is a selection of cultures blended to work with most domestic yogurt makers. With low acidity and great flavor these easy to use sachets are GMO free, clean label & suitable for vegetarians.

Cultures Available:

Curranty Cheese-Yogurt-Making offer Probiotic, Greek style, Strained Greek style & Skyr in our classic style.


All our Country Kitchen Cultures are created with ease of use in mind. Simple to use, just add to milk (we recommend UHT) mix and add place in to your yogurt maker. Keeping with or ideal of clean label we add no anti-foaming agents, thickeners, stabilizers or preservatives.


All orders placed are dispatched via the royal mail, For both the free and 1st class delivery options. See the delivery information page for more details.


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